Thursday, 3 March 2016

Antique Kimono Waistcoat

This project has been a real delight to do, the client wanted her antique Wedding Kimono made into a garment that she could wear more easily for special occasions and asked me to make a 50” long waistcoat for her.  The Kimono itself is printed silk, each panel was individually made for the Kimono and printed for the different sections of the original garment, details have been printed with real silver and embroidered with 9 carat gold thread.

My task was to preserve as much of the original decoration as possible, to give the waistcoat some weight and to pipe and line with a suitable fabric.  It has been inter-lined, piped and lined with a selection of silks that will help stabilise the antique silk and give the garment weight and a good fall when worn.

Antique Kimono Waistcoat

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