Friday, 10 June 2016

Sunny Days at the Fairs

This last weekend was spent at two different Craft Fairs, Saturday was at the Sturminster Newton Big Weekend which Crafts at the Exchange was a big part; and Sunday was at Tinker Belles in Stourton Village Hall, Stourhead.

Crafts at the Exchange was based upstairs in the Stour Hall which is much larger than the foyer area we usually occupy so there were at least twice as many makers exhibiting at this all day event.

The weather was beautiful all day and there was a nice steady flow of visitors, I gave out so many cards that at the end of the day I had to pack up in record time so I could get back to Gillingham in time to pick up a pack of card to print some new ones in the evening.  I’m so looking forward to getting some really nice full colour post cards printed so I don’t have to print my own anymore!  A project for some time soon methinks.

Downstairs there was the beer festival and in Sturminster Newton High Street were all the local food producers.

I really enjoyed the day and here are a couple of pictures of folk having a good look at other stall holders on their way round, some before visiting me and some after.

Looking across the hall at a slightly busier moment.

The view looking to my left, the lady with the spotty dress was lovely to talk to.

Sunday morning dawned very warm and I was rather glad to get all my wares unloaded and into the shady sanctuary of the village hall at Stourton.

Carey and Teresa hang their lovely bunting out to let visitors to Stourhead know we are in residence.

Bustling with lots of visitors as I came out of the kitchen with my brew, you can just see two of my stands peeking above all the lovely folk chatting to makers.

At one point I was chatting with one of my clients, who I had first met at the last Tinker Belles Market in March, and another lady came in and asked about my work and my lovely client gave such a ringing endorsement that the other lady went away to think about some possible projects.

I was given a little extra room this time and I filled it with all three stands for a great show.  I had brought with me a new waistcoat I had made for my lady hawker and a skirt alteration for which she had requested some embroidery embellishments as well.

This is the waistcoat and altered & embroidered skirt; I am really very pleased with how they have turned out and thought it a great idea to show off to other prospective clients.

My Aunt came to help out later in the day, and insisted that I sit down for a while, and we had a great time working as a double act; a little help packing away ensured there was no repeat of my somewhat heated unpacking of the morning too.

It was a great weekend and I met lots of lovely people as well as catching up with lots of my clients too; thank you to Liz for a great day at Sturminster Newton and to Carey and Teresa for an equally fab day on Sunday.

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