Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Newlyweds - Bride and Bridesmaids project

I’ve just taken receipt of some lovely photos from one of my bridal clients, this was a pretty big undertaking as I had major alterations to make on the wedding dress itself and for all of the five bridesmaids too – my poor work wardrobe was groaning with wedding work this year, it was great!

The bride is very slim, around a size 6 and the dress needed a lot of taking in on the bodice and scooping the hem up at the front.  The bodice is laced up at the back as many wedding dresses are these days and because of the bride’s slim build there was a huge length of the lacing that would be leftover, this I used to make dainty shoulder straps for a more vintage look.

You can see the bodice in more detail here and the straps make it look so much more sophisticated in my humble opinion.

Here comes the bride with all of her bridesmaids.  All but one had to be taken up at the hem and all of the Bridesmaids dresses needed the single strap changing – they were all too long by quite some way.  You will spot a difference on the bridesmaid second from the left; she was very uncomfortable with the single shoulder strap so with some leftovers from the hem I made a second strap to ensure security and comfort. Another tweak we made to these dresses was under the bust, which originally dropped straight from the bust point to the waist without being fitted under the bust, they were all very pleased with the resulting curves and it really helped the dresses to stay put without being constrictive.

 You can see the second strap much better here. 

This is the bride with some of her closest friends, on the left is another of my brides who gets wed this week,  and the new Mrs Lowe will be a bridesmaid for this next bride too, photos to follow very soon.

It has been a fantastic bridal season this year, and is still going strong, at present I am working on a beautiful Mother of the bride outfit and her daughter’s wedding dress which is in a stunning embroidered silk Dupion, I can’t wait to show you the photos towards the end of next month.

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