Saturday, 3 September 2016

Pikachu comes to play at Crafts at the Exchange

What a lovely day it was Saturday at the Exchange after our summer break, it was great to catch up with everyone and see what we have all been making.

I have been running each season with a new theme this year and now that wedding season is over I will have a new theme each month for the remainder of 2016, September is Waistcoats, October will be Jackets, November is for Coats and December will be full of delicious gifts, so the next few weeks will be pretty busy with making in my ‘spare’ time!!  I love it, making all the new things and falling in love with them.

This is my stall in my usual spot at the bottom of the foyer steps, that lead up to the café. The mannequin at the left side is sporting the new waistcoat that I finished yesterday, it is made with English herringbone wool cut on the bias, with jetted pockets in pink silk velvet, shell buttons and embroidered butterfly & dragonflies.  I love the single pink button in the middle.

After setting up we all go round while it is still quiet to check out new things and catch up with each other.

A view down the other side of the room

And at the end.

This Fluffin Bag I made at the end of the day yesterday, it was cut and embroidered a while back and I was really chuffed with it when it was finished last night.

You can see a bit of the lining here, I love the soft colours and thought last night it would not be around for long, quite right too, it was sold by mid-morning!

WOW! Pikachu came to visit us today!! Of course one has to have a selfie with Pikachu.  I’m not in the least in to pokemon and in fact Pikachu is the only character I actually know – but it just has to be done.

Pikachu fell head over heels in love with all the lovely things.

Pikachu takes a peek in the mirror.

And then goes up to the café to say hi to everyone.

Pikachu was a Kodak promotion at Wessex Photographic and everyone who had a photo could get it printed for free in their store, you would not believe what a stir it created, Pikachu got mobbed wherever he/she went!  Check out the Wessex Photographic Facebook  and Twitter pages for lots more funny pics.

All in all it was such a fantastic day and such a delight to catch up with lots of my clients who were visiting the area too.  Thank you to Liz for making everything work like clockwork as usual.

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