Monday, 16 May 2016

A fabulous find, Wedding Buttonique

A few weeks ago I was looking around for some fabulous pictures of Bead, Button & Brooch Bouquets, I love them and personally think they make a wonderful memento for brides of their big day, or to make a gift of for bridesmaids or other special relatives to remember the wedding.  Fresh flowers are so fleeting and these bouquets can be made to include special pieces such as Granny’s brooch or some sentimental buttons from a favourite piece of clothing that is meaningful to the bride and/or her family.

There are huge copyright issues about simply posting somebody else’s pictures without their permission so I found someone making these bouquets in the UK and asked if they would send me some pictures for my blog post (it was in my top tips for weddings).  The maker I approached, because her work was so delightfully scrummy, was Jenny Sigley of Wedding Buttonique.

Jenny very generously furnished me with all the photos below with the accompanying text which deserved a whole article of its own, so here it is.

I think this is stunningly beautiful

A closer look reveals all the different elements in the bouquet, it is rather exquisite

I asked Jenny "what is Wedding Buttonique and what does she make?"

"Wedding Buttonique designs and makes unique and individual wedding bouquets for brides and bridesmaids plus a matching design for the groom and his men.  The bouquets can be made from most items so buttons, brooches, washers, wire, keys, pen nibs, bits of old ceramic, handles from grandmas old cupboard etc . . . . . basically anything goes if I can wire it to a frame!  I was once asked to add a pewter walrus to one button bouquet."

"All of my work is designed with the bride and I take photographs all the way through the process so that she is always happy."

Jenny and Tim's Wedding

Another of Jenny's Clients

Jenny explained how Wedding Buttonique started....

"I started Wedding Buttonique after my own wedding in March 2013.  I couldn't find what I wanted for my wedding bouquet so set about looking for something different.  I have always loved buttons so it seemed apt to try and use them for my own bouquet."

The colours are rainbow bright in this bouquet and the matching buttonholes are truly delightful 

How does Buttonique sell?

"Brides contact me via Etsy and we have a discussion on the item, price and when it is needed.  I can set up payment plans and a suitable time frame which all fits to what the bride can afford and needs."

 I Really like the unusual quality of this bouquet, there are some wonderfully playful additions, I suspect the client it was made for also sews given the buttons and scissors

How gorgeous these spring colours look 

WeddingButtonique Contact Details:

Twitter; @Buttonique

You can also find some more information about WeddingButtonique on Jenny's blog - which, by her own admission she hardly has time for -

This is pretty and very gorgeously feminine

I want to thank Jenny for her contribution, I hope those of you out there who want something different to fresh flowers will consider this idea, the endless possibilities for a bouquet like this are limited only by your imagination.

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