Monday, 16 May 2016

Colour Trends

Do you ever wonder how clothing manufacturers and buyers make the decisions they do about the colours of clothing they buy? Well a company called Pantone makes predictions on what they think will be popular for a given season.  These predictions are a bit of a mystery to me given that they are made several seasons in advance, however, having followed them for the last 15 years it has become apparent that for the most part they follow a gradual process of gentle changes from season to season.  Occasionally there is a curve ball, although there has not been one of those for several years now.

To view the current season, follow this link;

The present season is not my favourite I have to admit, that Buttercup yellow is a bit acidic for my taste and with the notable exception of Snorkel Blue and Fiesta the rest of the current crop of colours is a bit insipid and Iced Coffee seems to be dominating in the shops – a bit unfortunate as it washes most people out and is a hark back to the drab 1970s in my humble opinion.

Next seasons colour report can be viewed here;

I like the tones for Fall (Autumn/Winter) 2016 much more, Riverside is a great catch-all blue and I suspect denim is going to make a big splash.  Aurora Red is simply FABULOUS; I say – go for it ladies!  For those with a taste for softer reds Dusty Cedar is lovely, and Lush Meadow is really yummy as a contrast to both reads.  For those purple lovers there is a rather fabulous shade called Bodacious that you will love.

Roll on autumn methinks for a great new colour pallet to indulge in. 

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