Friday, 1 April 2016

A new bag is born

This idea has been rattling around my brain since I made that wedding dress a few weeks ago, the concept was based on the vast collection of satin ribbons that I have, they do get used regularly for other projects but one can only have so many boxes of ribbon before it gets a little silly!

I wanted mix up lots of different shades of the same colour and varying widths to create a small bag that would be suitable to use with say a wedding dress or another special gown of some kind.  You can see that I have cut all the ribbons to the same length and then stitched them to a base fabric so it would be reasonably robust.  The lining is a piece of silk from my collection.

Once the fabric was made a tube was created and then attached to a round base, the top had been folded over to make an envelope for the ties.  The lining is the same shape as the outside but shallower.

With the ties pulled this bag will hold one’s lippy, mobile and keys while you have a fabulous time and look really gorgeous.  The ties have been made so that they can be shortened to suit the owner and occasion.

Satin ribbon occasion bag £40, to see it in the flesh check out my craft fair dates.

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