Saturday, 2 April 2016

Getting ready for a new bag collection

In my “spare time” I derive a great deal of pleasure from experimenting with colour, texture, materials and words; this is an excellent opportunity to make the bags that sell so well at craft fairs.  My two most popular designs are the ‘Fluffin’ bag which is a simple and very pretty bag – my best seller, and the tote which comes in three sizes.  The tote bag I use as a canvas for a range of decorative techniques such as appliqué, reverse appliqué and machine embroidery; the quotes I chose using two criteria – it has to make one smile and has to be positive.  All my bags work very hard and the materials I select to produce them are upholstery fabrics that will endure for a number of years without losing their looks.  The bag I made to go with my pink overcoat six years ago has in fact outlasted the coat, I washed it and it looks as good as new even though I mercilessly abused it for four and a half years!

I'm looking forward to seeing this bag completed, upholstery velour always sells really quickly because it feels sumptuous to the touch and looks gorgeous.  The lining fabric is soft pink sateen curtain cloth.  When completed, this bag will have a zip and several pockets inside to hold your diary, smart phone and purse to save them from rattling around in the bottom.  These pockets are over stitched several times so they don’t come adrift during use.

This heavy cotton is really yummy – and bomb proof, I made another bag out of it last year that stood up of its own accord and was sold very swiftly. I think orange and yellow ribbons will look very pretty for spring.

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