Saturday, 16 April 2016

Weddings – A Tailors perspective – 10 Point Plan

With this year’s wedding season fast approaching I wanted to address some of the challenges that face the Bride and family, namely, how to look amazing and get the best out of what you will wear on your big day and thereafter – on a budget.  Based on my experience I have some ideas that will save you a lot of money and will help you to look and feel beautiful on what is a very important occasion for you and your whole family.  Many brides want to have something original and the ideas I’ll be addressing will really help you to make your wedding a one off that will incorporate your personality.

In this Ten Point Plan my ideas and suggestions will not only cover the bride, but also the major family members who will figure large in your memories and photos, so I do hope they will help you to make the decisions both large and small.

These are the challenges I will be exploring and addressing:
  1. Wedding Dresses - Off the peg verses Bespoke, design, fabric, personalising, the dress to fit you not the other the way round, cost, future use*
  2. New or Second Hand – cost, luck, budget, charity shops & online bargains
  3. Colour, Texture and Fabrics – not just white & ivory, lace and not just polyester
  4. Jewellery and Flowers – Hand made, original, family heir looms, button/bead bouquet
  5. Under Garments – Bras, corsetry, support, undergarments to make you feel pretty
  6. The Groom – the suit, waistcoats, ties/cravats, shirts, future use*
  7. Bridesmaids – shopping around, retailers, department stores and nice things from discount centres, future use*
  8. Mother of the Bride and Groom – not just for that day, thinking outside the box, future use*
  9. Father of the Bride and Groom – shop around, re-use, alterations, future use*
  10. The Local Shopping Guide for the most fantastic things including...
  • Jewellery
  • Undergarments
  • Discount shopping
  • Menswear
This is just a taster to wet your appetite, the full article will be appearing very soon once I have finished writing it up.

*Future use relates to what you would like to do with the garments once the big day is over, I’m sure that you want to make the most of the investment you will be making and get value for you money.

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