Monday, 18 April 2016

New Waistcoat, new embroidery

Remember my last entry with the embroidery for my new waistcoat that I didn't like?  Well here is the finished article with the new embroidery that I am really happy with, I've gone for lots of colour and used designs that encompass what I do for my living without having a name and business logo – anyone can have that, I wanted to express my business identity a little more creatively.

This is the whole front of the waistcoat with two sets of vintage scissors, the bottom pair being of a very old design which I found rather interesting; a stand (or tailors dummy) in line with the buttons and reels of thread and a tape measure. 

Here is a closer look at the first pair of the antique scissors which I liked so much. 

At the bottom you can see the other scissors design which is my favourite one.  The stand which is a vintage style one with the cotton reels off to the side.  The PE Design software has made a good job of autopunching the design, this is where the software selects the stitch type, density and direction; I have changed the colours a lot as the designs were originally monochrome.  I am very enthusiastic about colour, especially contrast colours working together to create a dynamic effect and this whole collection of designs is jolly cheerful as well as selling me and my profession.

Here is a closer look at the tape measure you will remember I had previously executed with yellows and greens, for this version I used purple and dark blue to contrast with the yellow and gold – much more successful!  

The lining I have used is a stretch satin that is a similar shade to the corduroy instead of a contrasting colour which I have used in earlier waistcoats.

This is the previous embroidered waistcoat that I made the week after I got the Brother PE Design software; before I discovered the joys of the autopunch settings and got click happy with my colours.

And this is my very first embroidered waistcoat where I splurged with my favourite patterns that came with my Brother Enovis 750 embroidery machine last year.

At the beginning of last year I began my collection with this silk tweed waistcoat, I recently fell in love with this one again after not having worn it for some time – as a result of making the embroidered ones.

Unlike the later waistcoats all the buttons on this one are all slightly different because I had been given some samples and wanted to see how they looked together on here – I like the oddness of them as a design detail.

So now you can see the collection so far of my waistcoats, it is my aim to have 10-12 eventually as I love waistcoats and would live in them if I had enough, they go with everything, be that trousers, jeans or a skirt and smarten things up a treat; these are a bit playful, but that’s me.

Next on the list is a slightly re-designed Highway jacket, I have been mulling it over and I want to make a new prototype of this design, to lengthen it, make the bodice and skirt separate and make the skirt fuller; will do some design drawings methinks.

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