Monday, 11 April 2016

Waistcoat mistake

If there was ever proof that even the best of us make mistakes, this is it!  I have been making a three piece suit for myself out of a stunning piece of Purple Corduroy that I was gifted with and this is the second piece, the waistcoat.  I was experimenting with metallic threads and with different colour combinations on the cord.  The vintage sewing machine design has not come out as bold as I wanted it and the colours I picked were not the best.  I don’t like the effect created by the metallic threads on the machine and scissors,  and they have not worked very well in my Brother Embroidery machine; I suspect the best results will be in Brother metallic embroidery threads so I’ll be investing in some very soon

The next go will be with colour threads only and two new designs, I’ll keep the measuring tape because I really like it’s boldness but will replace the green and teal with dark purple and blue, shall experiment with another vintage sewing machine design, may skip that, and a bolder pair of scissors.  I have a lovely cotton reels design that I think will be good. So here goes with another pass.

Will keep you posted as to how it turns out.

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